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Ultimate Anti Spy Detector

Ultimate Anti Spy Detector

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Main functions:

  1. Reflection point detection of visual camera
  2. Automatic sensing infrared night vision camera
  3. Automatic sensing 2/3/4G, WIFI, GPS signal detection

Product features:

5 φ5 LED lights, Integrated 5 ultra-high-power laser LEDs, the red light emitted is quite harsh do not face the human eye, it will damage the eyesight.
Built-in 200mAh battery. Built-in 200 mAh lithium battery, charge 1 hour, can standby for 2 months.
Wavelength 600nm long-pass filter. Professional 600nm long-pass filter, only through the 600nm or more wavelengths of light! Exactly the same material as the professional SLR camera lens. You can see, the glass here from the outside looks discolored, not ordinary plastic, we do not design that kind of junk material.

Integrated infrared sensor photosensitive

Can be sensitive to sense the night vision camera, because the night vision camera is to rely on infrared light to shoot. Usually we are inside the hotel room, with the lights off, closed doors and windows, thinking others can not see us. No, others with infrared cameras, in the dark environment can see us clearly. We have to protect ourselves.

2 / 3 / 4 / 5G traffic signal, WIFI signal, GPS signal capture sensing

Generally seen on the market wireless surreptitious camera, remote recording bug, GPS locator, tracker, are used to insert cell phone traffic card or wifi connection, only the traffic card and wifi connection they can transmit the data recorded secretly. Therefore, our signal detector can be very accurate to capture the signal when it uploads and downloads data, once the device has data flow, you can immediately sense it.

We have 6 signal indicators, the more lights prove the stronger the signal, accompanied by a buzzer beeping.

The GPS sensor works in a special way, it is not always emitting signals, it is sending signals at intervals. For example, our live demonstration of this GPS it is 30 seconds to launch once, so we use the signal detector detection, must be patient detection, do not move too fast.

Signal Detection: Security Guard Camera Detector

One system to protect them all. Anti-recording, anti-candid photography, anti-video, anti-GPS tracking.

Anti Spy Hidden Camera Detector Wireless RF All Signal Bug Car GPS Tracker Infrared Search Security Protection Gadget PK K18 K68

  1. Frequency range: 100MHz~8GHz, 2.4G: 10 square meters (standard 10mw);
    2. Detection range: 1.2G: 10 square meters (standard 10mw), mobile phone band 83G, 4 signals: 15 square meters;
    3. Power supply: built-in 200mAh polymer chain battery, fully charged in 1 hour, please use 5V1A charger to charge
    4. Detection working current: 60-110mA
    5. Lens detection: ① Red light laser scanning; detection distance 0.1-5 meters ② Infrared automatic detection wavelength 760nm-980nm (near infrared light) detection distance 3-5 meters)
    6. Alarm mode: sound/visual
    7. Size: 109*48*12mm
    8. Material: PC+ABS
    9. Weight: 50g
    10. Continuous working time: continuous working up to about 2 hours, automatic shutdown after 20 minutes of no operation

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