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Car Key Signal Blocker

Car Key Signal Blocker

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Keep your car secure with this car fob pouch with a Faraday cage lining isolating the signal in the bag. Preventing RFID,

Bluetooth, 2,3 and 4G mobile phones and Wifi connectivity, stopping frequency signals in both directions.

Material inside completely blocks the signal from your car key fob.

This prevents thieves from getting a hold of your key fob signal shielding against break ins and keyless ignition theft.

Multi-purpose pouch to protect contactless debit/credit cards and key fobs.

Thieves will be unable to steal from your contactless card by charging your card without your knowledge with the help of the Faraday bag.

Please note that the product has two pockets, the pocket with the keychain has the signal shielding function, and the other pocket does not have the signal shielding function.


Color: black

Package Included:

1 x Car Key Signal Blocking Bag


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